Cosmacin Personal Care

Cosmacin Onion Hair Oil

Cosmacin Onion Hair Oil, in combination with Redensyl, reduces hair fall and makes hair healthy. our Onion Oil makes hair strong from the inside & shinier on the outside. 

Cosmacin Onion Shampoo

Cosmacin Free from harmful sulfates, our Onion Shampoo has the goodness of Onion that helps in reducing hair fall and Plant Keratin that is gentle on the hair and keeps it clean, strong and nourished.

Cosmacin Onion Conditioner

Formulated with softening & nourishing natural ingredients, Onion Conditioner gently detangles hair, making it manageable and healthy. 

Cosmacin Vitamin C Facewash

Cosmacin Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash effortlessly reaches deep within the pores with the help of its soft built-in brush to clear out excess oil without disturbing your skin’s natural moisture barrier. With its foaming texture, the face wash is gentle, yet highly effective.

Cosmacin Apple Cider Vinegar Facewash

The in-built silicone brush makes application extremely easy. The soft brush clears clogged pores and ensures that the natural ingredients penetrate effectively leading to clean and refreshed skin.

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