Canned Pulses and Vegetables​

HighlyFresh: Trusted Canned Pulses & Vegetables Exporter From India

Hey there, food enthusiasts! At HighlyFresh, we’re all about bringing you the yummiest canned products from around the world. Our mission? Making your meals super tasty and incredibly convenient.

HighlyFresh is all about keeping our promise – a promise of mouthwatering flavors and top-notch quality in every can. Ready to join the taste adventure? Make HighlyFresh your go-to canned product exporter and get ready to make your meals oh-so-delicious!

HighlyFresh’s variety of pulses that are easy to store and cook. Procured from handpicked fresh sources, enriched with protein, pulses are canned with brine. The entire product range is available in cans and glass jar containers, followed by optional box and tray/pellet packagings.

Chick Peas​​

HighlyFresh chickpeas are packed with protein, fibre, and essential nutrients, making them a healthy addition to your meals.

Baby Corn

HighlyFresh baby corn is a healthy & convenient product made from high-quality baby corn that is packed in high-quality cans for maximum freshness.

Sweet Corn

HighlyFresh canned sweet corn is packed at its freshest delivering the perfect golden delicious every time. Explore all of corn varities.

Red Kidney Beans

HighlyFresh canned Red Kidney beans have been canned in brine or salt solution, characterized by a strong flavour and a colour that is reddish-brown in nature.

Green Pigeon Peas

Green pigeon peas, also known as gungo peas. hey are also a favorite in Caribbean kitchens, make Stewed Pigeon Peas with our canned pigeon peas, and enjoy it with rice.

Black Beans

HighlyFresh Black beans canned, ready to use - for the quick and easy organic kitchen! No soaking or cooking needed as the lentils are gently pre-cooked.

Nevy Beans

HighlyFresh canned navy beans, also known as large white beans, have a delicate, mild flavor and a soft texture which lends itself to a variety of delicious recipes with ready to use.

Black Eye Beans

HighlyFresh Black Eye Beans are also known as Cow Peas. It is vacuum packed black eye beans redy to add into any receipe and black eye beans is in good naturation value for health.

Bitter Gourd Slides

HighlyFresh specialize in delivering the rich essence of bitter gourd in convenient canned form. Explore our export-quality product, packed to preserve flavor and freshness.

Curried Chick Peas

HighlyFresh are experts in exporting tasty canned Curried Chickpeas, all ready in handy cans. Try our quality product, full of flavor and freshness. Start your delicious adventure now!

Baby Okra

Baby okra is also called cut okra. We're experts at sending you the best canned baby okra, all ready for your recipes. Our top-quality product keeps the natural taste and freshness locked in.

Green Peas

HighlyFresh canned Green Peas are farm fresh and naturally process & packed straight from the fields to taste the best. Explore our export-quality product.

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