Sterilized Vegetables & Pulses

HighlyFresh`s variety of pulses that are easy to store and cook. Procured from handpicked fresh sources, enriched with protein, pulses are canned with brine. The entire product range is available in cans and glass jar containers, followed by optional box and tray/pellet packagings.

Vegetables, a source of essential nutrients are perfect for any cooking day recipe. In order to ensure the best quality and taste, vegetables are sterilized in our state of the art facility equipped with modern technologies to ensure long life while retaining all the quality nutrients. Much alike pulses, our vegetable are canned with brine to remove the need for chemical preservatives.

Chick Peas

Baby Corn

Sweet Corn

Red Kidney Beans

Green Pigeon Peas

Black Beans

Navy Beans

Black Eye Beans

Bitter Gourd Slides

Curried Chick Peas

Baby Okra

Green Peas

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